Sirron “Hoss” Ringgold


Sirron “Hoss” Ringgold born and raised in Wilmington Delaware birthday October 10th 1975. Always had a passion for writing but never had the courage to pursue it until 2005. Trying his hand at poetry he had his first book published through titled When A Thug Cries. He has been moving forward every since completing such projects as Disgusted, Beast Within Me, Erotic Memories and Best Within Me 2. Also 3 plays with hopes of making it onto a major stage. Currently working on a Documentary Called The Round Table of Life, with thoughts of touching the world with the joy and pain of his life as well as others. Look forward for Sirron “Hoss” Ringgold to excite the minds of his readers as he continues on his journey as an author.

Sirron Ringgold

Beast With In Me

Sirron Ringgold

Beast Within II

Sirron Ringgold

Erotic Memories

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Introduction - So many women claim to be freaks and that they turn their men out....

Meet 5 male characters that does the turning out fulfilling woman’s fantasies. Each one is blessed with a special talent that will entice your body and soul. First we have” Passion” a certified massage therapist who’s sex game is outrageous. Then we have “Nyce With It” and when it comes to oral and his sex game his name speaks for itself. Next we have” Chocolate Orgasm” he loves
to spend money on you to make you happy then he gives you that Chocolate orgasms that you have been craving for. “Rock Star” likes everything rough, pulling hair, choking, etc enjoying every sexual position that you can imagine. Last we have” Dynasty” he loves to party hard and enjoy life and loves pleasing his women by any means necessary. Take this journey with me as these 5 characters send a tingle throughout your body touching that special place.

EM Ch. 1 Passion - Moonlight shining off of the sweat from our bodies in motion...

Her copper toned figure rides me as gracefully as I picture the most peaceful place within my life. White sands flowing through the fingertips, waves of the blue ocean waters clashing within my eardrums. While the sounds of nature whispers to me as she rides me faster and faster, I can feel her insides getting wetter as the juices flow uncontrollably.

Nails digging into my chest as I am putting every inch of me inside of her secret garden. She bites her bottom lip as the moans of pleasure seeps out of her pores, she calls out for me “daddy, daddy, don’t you stop.”

EM Ch. 2 Nyce With It - Incense burning with the smell of Kush filling the air....

in the bedroom Staring at Tamika smiling, she doesn’t know what is about to happen to her, but she is anticipating his next move. He has her arms bound to the side of the bed, legs tied up in the air with them spread just enough and she is in a buck type position. Pussy smiling directly at him, he gets closer as he removes his clothes slowly, teasing Tamika.

EM Ch. 3 Chocolate Orgasm - “Hey baby, did you get everything that you wanted....

from the mall? Speaking of that shit, did you get your man a birthday card to send to him in jail? Hell send him some flowers too if he can have them, since I’m taking care of his family. You and your water head son, Tanisha your lucky I love you or otherwise I wouldn’t deal with you, oh sexy ass.”

BM Intro - Can you really escape what you are destined to be?...

Can you hide or shy away from what trickles down through your bloodline? This is a story of Isaiah Johnson’s struggle to fight his demons. Realizing after being bullied for years that he can do something about it, he begins his path of destruction. Committing his first murder at an early age and getting away with it, he begins to accept his destiny. In the end, secrets surrounding his life will finally be revealed as to why he has a passion for killing. Power and respect is what drives him to be the man that he has become”

BM Ch. 1 - “Isaiah have you seen the damn cat, I haven’t seen her in two days.”

Coming out of his bedroom putting his head down and trying not to answer his mother’s question. “I haven’t seen the cat either mom, I don’t know where she is,” Isaiah responds. Two days ago, Isaiah took the cat down by the railroad tracks not to far from his house and put her into a cage that he made.

BM Ch. 2 - 24 hours have gone by and nobody has seen Raymond anywhere....

Isaiah has been acting normal like nothing has ever happened. Raymond’s mother had finally called the police to put out a missing persons report, and she only did that because she felt as though she would be the blame for his disappearance.

BM Ch. 3 - Those sneaks are nice, he’s lucky he’s with his father or I’ll take them...

One day while getting off the school bus, Isaiah sees a man and his son standing on the corner. The man is counting a hand full of money and Isaiah noticed the brand new yellow and black Saucony’s on the boy’s feet. “Those sneaks are nice, he’s lucky he’s with his father or I’ll take them,” Isaiah thought. He walked up the street and saw the same white Cadillac parked in front of his apartment building. The horn blows twice, “Hey young blood, let me rap at you a minute please,”

BM2 Intro - Isaiah Johnson is back with vengeance....

Revenge of his parents death drives him to the point of no return. His new found partner “Camp” provides him with enough work to crave his appetite for killing until he puts his plan in motion. Truly accepting his Bloodline and his destiny Isaiah expresses himself through murder.

BM2 Ch. 1 - “Baby you know I’m so glad that you decided to stay in your father’s house...

You will always have a piece of him surrounding you, “Carmen explains. “Yeah you right it does feel good to be here, but it would even feel better if he was still here with me in the physical form, Isaiah stares off of the balcony looking over their backyard. Carmen can see that his mind is getting ready to zone out so she walks through their sliding glass doors to go back into the house and leave him alone for a minute.

BM2 Ch. 2 - Monday morning finally comes around and Isaiah and Chuckie are waiting...

outside of the women’s prison for Christine’s release. Staring at a black Toyota Camry sitting directly in front of the entrance and inside is Christine’s daughter waiting patiently. “Make sure you follow them Closely but not to close so they won’t notice us, I can’t afford this bitch to get away from me again.” Isaiah says.

BM2 Ch. 3 - “You know I think about Pop damn near everyday sister and my mom too...

but it’s like my father is just taking over my thoughts, “Isaiah explains as him and his sister Precious are sitting outside on her balcony. “Yeah tell me about it, I wish you knew him the way that I did I mean he had a gentle side that he showed me whenever he came around me. Now my mom was different she couldn’t stand him just like most women after their man moves on. But I understand early on why he had to leave and it’s the same reason why your Mom didn’t want him around.