Erotic Memories

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  • Upholstered in wool
  • luminum rotating base
  • High density foam cushions

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So many women claim to be freaks and that they turn their men
out. Meet 5 male characters that does the turning out fulfilling
woman’s fantasies. Each one is blessed with a special talent that
will entice your body and soul. First we have” Passion” a certified
massage therapist who’s sex game is outrageous. Then we have
” Nyce With It” and when it comes to oral and his sex game his
name speaks for itself. Next we have” Chocolate Orgasm” he loves
to spend money on you to make you happy then he gives you that
Chocalate orgasms that you have been craving for. “Rock Star” likes
everything rough, pulling hair, choking, etc enjoying every sexual
position that you can imagine. Last we have” Dynasy” loves to
party hard and enjoy life and loves to pleasing his women by any
means necessary. Take this journey with me as these 5 characters
send a tingle throughout your body touching that special place.


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